Case Illustration: Ulna Plate Revision with IlluminOss

A female patient suffered an ulna fracture associated with a traumatic dog attack. The patient was treated by another surgeon, utilizing a plate for osteosynthesis. A nerve in the patient's forearm was repaired by the reporting surgeon after the fracture repair.

Approximately a year and a half after her original plate was placed, the patient wanted it removed because it was irritating and palpable under the skin. When the plate was removed, it was determined that the fracture had not healed. In an attempt to stabilize the fracture and allow it to heal, the patient was casted for three weeks, however each subsequent week of casting the fracture displaced more and more, resulting in a nonunion.

As the bone quality was poor, an IlluminOss implant was inserted and cured to be utilized as a supporting strut and to provide purchase for the definitive treatment with plate and screws. Bone graft was positioned around the IlluminOss implant and then a plate and screws were used to complete the repair. The screws for the plate were threaded directly into the IlluminOss implant.

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