IlluminOss’ minimally invasive, patient conforming implant offers a new solution in osteoporotic & pathologic fracture repair. The IlluminOss implant conforms to the shape of the patients intramedullary canal, providing rapid stability and strength to compromised bone. Should ancillary fixation devices be needed they can be placed anywhere along the implant.The majority of patients who have been treated with the IlluminOss System have not required a hard cast during their recovery. The lack of a cast allows patients to return to daily activities sooner.

How it Works

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A small flexible balloon catheter is inserted into the intramedullary canal.

Step 1

The balloon is infused with a biocompatible liquid monomer causing it to expand and conform to the canal.

Step 2

The implant is cured on demand through the application of visible light.

Step 2

The implant provides strength and rotational stability to the bone.

Step 2