Fracture Repair at the Speed of Light

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02.26.19 IlluminOss Medical Launches the IlluminOss Bone Stabilization System for Use in the Treatment of Traumatic and Fragility Fractures in the U.S.
09.13.18 IlluminOss Medical Receives Clearance to Expand Clinical Indications in the U.S.
01.09.18 IlluminOss Medical Granted FDA Marketing Clearance for the IlluminOss® Bone Stabilization System
11.01.16 Preliminary Data Presented from First U.S. Clinical Trial of IlluminOss Medical’s Photodynamic Bone Stabilization System
07.18.2016 IlluminOss Medical Completes Enrollment for U.S. Clinical Trial Using Groundbreaking Photodynamic Bone Stabilization System
02.18.2016 IlluminOss Medical to Exhibit Its Groundbreaking Fracture Repair System at AAOS 2016
10.19.2015 IlluminOss Medical to Exhibit Patient-Conforming Fracture Repair Technology at German Congress of Orthopaedics and Traumatology (DKOU) 2015
10.13.2015 IlluminOss Medical Appoints Manny Avila as Chief Executive Officer
08.31.2015 IlluminOss Medical’s First-of-its-Kind Bone Stabilization System Used in Treatment of Rhode Island Hospital Patient
07.21.2015 IlluminOss Medical Appoints Clive Ridgwell as Vice President of Sales
06.23.2015 IlluminOss Medical Announces the Successful Treatment of First U.S. Patients with Innovative Light-Curable Bone Stabilization System
04.21.2015 IlluminOss Medical Appoints Amy Orlick Berman as Vice President of Clinical Affairs
04.14.2015 New Class of Orthopedic Implants for Intramedullary Biologic Fixation of Fractured Long Bones Validated in Preclinical Models
03.23.2015 IlluminOss Medical Announces the Enrollment of First Patient in Proximal Humerus Fracture Repair Trial at Albert Schweitzer Hospital
03.16.2015 IlluminOss Medical to Showcase World’s First Minimally Invasive Conforming Implant System at AAOS 2015
03.02.2015 IlluminOss Medical Announces the Enrollment of First Patient in EU Humerus Fracture Repair Trial
12.10.2014 IlluminOss Medical Caps off Flagship Year with Addition of New Patents to Bone Fixation Portfolio
11.18.2014 IlluminOss Medical Announces Conditional FDA Approval for Clinical Trials of Groundbreaking Photodynamic Bone Stabilization System in the U.S.
10.30.2014 IlluminOss Medical Products Honored with Prize for Innovation by Deutsche Gesellschaft für Unfallchirurgie (DGU) 2014
01.30.2014 IlluminOss Medical Announces Spanish and Israeli Launch of Photodynamic Bone Stabilization System (PBBS)
11.20.2013 IlluminOss Medical Appoints Frederick Tobia as Vice President Regulatory and Clinical Affairs
10.15.2013 IlluminOss Medical Appoints Martin Aschenbrener as Vice President of Finance
11.17.2012 IlluminOss Medical Receives Providence Business News 2012 Business Excellence Award
10.15.2012 IlluminOss Medical Receives Boston’s Museum of Science 2012 “Invented Here” Award
09.27.2012 IlluminOss Medical Secures $28 Million Series C Financing for Minimally Invasive Bone Fracture Repair
07.22.2011 IlluminOss Medical Announces US Notice of Allowance
07.21.2011 IlluminOss Medical Announces First Photodynamic System Distal Radius Repair
07.11.2011 IlluminOss Medical Announces First Minimally Invasive Ankle Fracture Treatment
06.22.2011 IlluminOss Medical Announces First Minimally Invasive Forearm Fracture Treatment
03.23.2009 IlluminOss Photodynamic Bone Stabilization System Receives CE Mark
02.20.2009 IlluminOss Medical Receives ISO 13485 Certification
04.08.2008 IlluminOss Medical Completes $11 Million Series B Financing
10.29.2007 IlluminOss Medical Honored for Innovation