Fracture Repair at the Speed of Light

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IlluminOss provides the world’s first minimally invasive, patient conforming polymer implant for fracture repair and stabilization. The IlluminOss System incorporates a PET or Dacron® balloon catheter that is delivered through a small pathway into the intramedullary canal transiting the fracture site. Using a standard syringe, IlluminOss’ light activated, biocompatible monomer is infused into the balloon, causing it to expand, fill and conform to the patients intramedullary canal. Only upon the activation of IlluminOss’ visible light source will the monomer infused balloon begin to cure. The cured implant provides both longitudinal strength and rotational stability to allow for fracture repair and stabilization. Should ancillary fixation devices be needed they can be placed anywhere along the implant.

Balloon Angioplasty Catheter Light Cured
Liquid Monomer
Similar to Dental Cement
Minimally Invasive Patient Conforming Orthopedic Implant
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